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Working to serve and protect the public interest

COTM's mission is to protect the public by regulating, advocating and advancing safe, ethical and quality occupational therapy practice in Manitoba.
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As of Friday, March 20, the 120 Maryland St. office will be closed however we will continue to operate with all staff working from home. We will be answering emails and will be monitoring the phone. If you call the office, please leave your email address as this may be the most efficient way to be back in touch with you. Please note we will not be monitoring April 10 and 13 due to holiday closure.

A Message from COTM Executive Director

The COTM Council and staff want to extend a message of solidarity and support as our community - our professional family, the province, the country and worldwide - all work towards tackling unprecedented (at least in our lifetime) challenges. 

You are urged to review the COVID-19 webpage we have set up so that you are up to date on Shared Health information as well as additional direction or guidance from COTM.

COTM is not a source of information for clinical guidance but we can offer the following. If you opt to use technology to conduct clinical assessments and interviews and interventions, please be reminded that all the requirements related to privacy, confidentiality, consent, and documentation are of critical importance. Remote technology is simply a tool. The recent Social Media PREP offered a great deal of information on this topic and we will work to have the content available for you in the coming weeks. 

You may be asked to help out in ways that have you asking: “Is this acceptable?” COTM supports reassignments to assist however you must monitor that you are being asked by those tasked with this type of planning and that you do not take on tasks or procedures that exceed your level of competency. Coincidentally, COTM is working on a Managing My Practice guideline and we recognize that assisting in emergency health planning and redeployment is part of one’s professional obligations. This is addressed in the COTM Code of Ethics – and reads as: Provide services, when appropriate safety precautions exist, during a natural or humanmade disaster, including a communicable disease outbreak, consistent with the profession’s commitment to client well-being.

Please email your questions to me – I will do my best to provide guidance or direct you to those who can assist you.

Sharon Eadie, O.T. Reg. (MB)
COTM Executive Director