A young boy helps a senior man planting a flower in a garden.
A senior man receives assistance using a fork to feed himself from his occupational therapist.
A young boy sitting in a wheelchair smiles at his female OT.

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COTM's mission is to protect the public by regulating, advocating and advancing safe, ethical and quality occupational therapy practice in Manitoba.
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The COTM Office will be closed Monday, February 18, 2019 for Louis Riel Day.  We will resume office hours at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

A Message from COTM Executive Director

Change is inevitable in any organization however it feels like this past year held more than most.

We bid farewell to Pearl Soltys, who served as COTM’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Developer for many years.  And we welcomed Alexandria Simms to the position of CCP Coordinator.  The position title change might point to the fact that the program is now more stable – but in this area change is ongoing and inevitable.

We made significant By-law changes in 2018 that really will affect COTM members.  Firstly, quorum for member meetings will no longer require 10% of members but only the number who attend as long as two council members are also present.  The first ever online Annual General Meeting was held in October – the quorum change and use of technology resulted in COTM’s shortest AGM ever. Secondly, the renewal period was amended and will now run from March 1st to April 30th with the registration period still ending on May 31st. This gives staff a month to process all renewals prior to the end of the registration year.  Employers, COTM members and the public will likely appreciate the clarity that this adjustment will bring.  This amendment has triggered some changes to CCP timelines; please watch for this information in member emails from COTM. And stay tuned for notices about the 2019 fees which I can happily announce do not include an increase.

We close this year with great news; we welcomed three new public members to council, recently appointed to the COTM Roster of Public Representatives by the Minister of Health, Active Living and Seniors.

In the coming year, COTM will be able to return in earnest to our submission development now that we have greater clarity on the Regulated Health Professions Act regulation preparatory work that is needed.

In closing, we wish you and yours all the best during this holiday season.

Sharon Eadie, O.T. Reg. (MB)
COTM Executive Director