ACOTRO Incorporation

News Release
June 29, 2011

ACOTRO becomes incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act.

Toronto - The Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations (ACOTRO) is pleased to announce its incorporation as a not for profit organization under Part II of the Canada Corporation Act.

The Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations is the national organization of occupational therapy regulators in Canada.  Our goal is to promote consistency and excellence within the occupational therapy regulatory environment across Canada.  Our ten members work to protect the public by fulfilling their statutory mandate to regulate the practice of occupational therapy in their respective jurisdictions. 

For several years, ACOTRO has demonstrated a vision and commitment to promoting access to the profession for qualified internationally educated occupational therapists (IEOTs) through a number of shared initiatives.

These have included the completion of two phases of a Pan-Canadian initiative that included: development of the Assessing Substantial Equivalence of Internationally Educated Occupational Therapists framework; describing the Canadian Occupational Therapy Education Benchmark; updating the Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada; validating the inventory of capabilities, context and requisite competencies to be assessed; and developing Occupational Therapy Profession Specific Credential Assessment and Competency-based Assessment Tools.

ACOTRO has secured over $2 M of funding to 2015 from the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition program. The generous funding will allow ACOTRO to continue its collaborative efforts and complete the final Phase of a Pan-Canadian initiative aimed at implementing a common assessment approach for the qualification recognition and competence based assessment of IEOTs.


Originally established in 1989 and recently incorporated ACOTRO is the national association of provincial occupational therapy regulatory bodies, whose mandates are the protection of the public. ACOTRO’s members regulate the practice of occupational therapy in their respective jurisdictions across Canada.

The objects of ACOTRO are to:
a) Advance quality occupational therapy regulation in Canada through a consortium of provincial and territorial occupational therapy regulators in the interest of the public;
b) promote interprovincial and international labour mobility and workforce planning and
c) promote national and international networking and information sharing of regulatory issues and positions.

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