Competence Enhancement

Within a program of Continuing Competence, Competence Enhancement activities are intended to result in ongoing improvement in current skills and knowledge, especially those related to understanding and complying with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.  Regular update and enhancement assists the OT to integrate and apply their knowledge, skills, judgements and interpersonal attributes in order to practice safely and ethically in a designated role and setting.

The COTM CCP is still in its Implementation stage now and the tools available on this website will be the ones needed to complete the requirements for registration renewal in 2014. If you downloaded and completed forms with "Draft" on them, don't worry, they are still acceptable for meeting the 2014 requirements. COTM plans to hold more workshops for hands-on experience and skill building in the fall of 2013.

These tools will be part of the required program and are ready for hands-on testing and review by Manitoba OTs. They are fillable PDFs that can be completed using your computer keyboard or printed out and completed by hand. It is recommended that OTs download and save copies to their computer* before completing them.

*Please note: while you can fill out CCP forms when they open in your browser, you cannot save your edits unless you first save the file to your computer and then make your edits to your saved copy.

  1. COTM Clinical Self-Assessment Form
  2. COTM Non-clinical Self-Assessment Form
  3. COTM CCP Professional Development Form
  4. COTM PREP Beta Module

Resources to assist with completing the required tools will be posted here:

  1. COTM Your PDP - Making It Work
  2. Getting Started with Your CCP

COTM gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario for permitting the adaptation of their products to the Manitoba program.