Competence Maintenance

Competence maintenance describes the things OTs do for the continuation of essential practice knowledge and skills. COTM views it as the most basic level of a complete package of continuing competence activities which are themselves a component of ongoing professional development and lifelong learning. 

The CCP developers have assumed that a self-directed strategy for competence maintenance is already in place for occupational therapists and there is no need to make it part of the new program. It is considered an Essential Competency for Practice as an OT in Canada and is also embedded in our Code of Ethics.

Tools and methods to demonstrate this level of continuing competence are those that facilitate practice reflection and documentation of continuing education activities and time spent in active practice such as professional portfolios, records of employment hours (especially to meet a minimum standard within a specified period) and continuing education logs.

If you have any ideas for resources to help you with maintaining competence that you would like to have better access to, please email


Professional Development Portfolios are not required as part of the COTM CCP, but they are recommended. Here is a link to a narrated slide presentation called "Professional Development Portfolios".