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The College of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba operates a Continuing Competence Program (CCP) to assist Manitoba OTs to assume professional accountability for maintaining and developing their own continuing competence. The program is based on a model as shown in the diagram below.

Competence Maintenance

Competence maintenance describes the things OTs do for the continuation of essential practice knowledge and skills. COTM views it as the most basic level of a complete package of continuing competence activities which are themselves a component of ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.

Tools and methods to demonstrate this level of continuing competence are those that facilitate practice reflection and documentation of continuing education activities and time spent in active practice such as professional portfolios, records of employment hours (especially to meet a minimum standard within a specified period) and continuing education logs.

Competence Enhancement

Within a program of Continuing Competence, Competence Enhancement activities are intended to result in ongoing improvement in current skills and knowledge, especially those related to understanding and complying with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.  Regular update and enhancement assists the OT to integrate and apply their knowledge, skills, judgements and interpersonal attributes in order to practice safely and ethically in a designated role and setting.COTM has developed tools that are part of the required program. The tools are available as fillable PDFs that can be completed using your computer keyboard or printed out and completed by hand. They are available from the Current Forms page.

Competence Review

Within the Manitoba CCP, Competence Review refers to objective or direct inspection of evidence of continuing competence by designated regulatory representatives. The COTM CCP is designed to provide at least one Competence Review experience for registered OTs in each five year period.

Starting after registration renewal in 2014, COTM staff will randomly select approximately 120 OTs per year who will be required to submit copies of completed Continuing Competence Program materials including Self-Assessments, Professional Development Plans (PDP) and completed Prescribed Regulatory Education Module worksheets. COTM is currently exploring methods of reviewing competence via objective feedback from clients and coworkers, similar to the Multisource Feedback surveys used in Ontario. This portion of the program is not ready for implementation. COTM members will receive notice in advance of it going into effect.

Competence Evaluation

Competence Evaluation involves an objective measure of the occupational therapist’s capacity to perform adequately in the essential knowledge, skills/abilities, required roles, and necessary work context. Competence Evaluation will only be carried out if there is a need for more assessment identified during a Competence Review.

COTM is currently exploring methods such as onsite peer assessment and will post findings in this section as they become available. This component of the CCP is not ready for implementation. COTM members will receive notice in advance of it going into effect.

Competence Improvement

Competence Improvement refers to prescribed activities which are intended to improve or increase skills, knowledge and attitudes in an effort to assist the occupational therapist to reach an acceptable level of competence. Some examples of Competence Improvement activites might be a period of Supervised Practice (authorized by COTM) or participation in required coursework or learning activities e.g. completion of a specific Prescribed Regulatory Education module. This component of the CCP is not ready for implementation. COTM members will receive notice in advance of it going into effect.

Download a quick overview of the COTM program levels, tools and timelines here.

COTM welcomes your input as the CCP unfolds. Contact us at CCP@cotm.

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