Updating Contact Information

All COTM members have obligations regarding communication with the College. To refresh your knowledge of what the COTM By-law says about this, refer to ArticleII - Membership at the link below:

A professional regulator cannot lose track of its members.  For example, COTM cannot assume that the reason why someone’s renewal has been sent back by Canada Post, or the renewal application not returned, is because the individual has left the province and no longer needs registration in Manitoba.  We must confirm the member’s intent regarding non-renewal.  There is no such thing as resigning from a regulator by default without consequences; the resignation must be carried out in a deliberate and explicit manner.

During the latest round of the COTM Continuing Competence Program PREP we learned that many people assumed the PREP did not apply to them due to their current status or anticipated change in registration status.  A significant number of individuals did not receive COTM PREP information due to challenges with their email address. If we apply the member obligations to these situations you can see how vital it is that all who thought that the requirments did not apply, regardless of reason, still had an obligation to be in touch with COTM.  If the PREP truly did not apply then that could be confirmed and if the assumption was incorrect then the member could be educated about the requirements. 

In any event communication with COTM is an absolute obligation.  Further, updating changes in contact information – especially a valid, current email address – are essential for members to communicate to COTM.

On that point you are urged to use an email address that you:

  • check frequently,
  • do not share with another person who might inadvertently delete COTM correspondence, and
  • control - so that you can set filters to prevent COTM messages from being screened out.

If you are relying on a work email address, you have an absolute obligation to update COTM when you change jobs or go on a leave of absence. COTM can only use one email address for you and will use the one which you have identified as your preferred address.