When an occupational therapist (OT) first applies to be registered with COTM, the Board of Assessors checks to see that he or she meets the education and practice standards. If these are met, the registration can be processed, and once the new member pays the required fee, he or she is registered to practise in Manitoba and thus use the title ‘Occupational Therapist.’

Registering with COTM demonstrates that this individual respects the public’s right to safe, competent and ethical occupational therapy services, and recognizes COTM’s role in supporting and monitoring practice.

Occupational therapists must renew their registration on an annual basis. On the renewal form, members indicate that they have met the requirements to continue practising. The Occupational Therapists Act and the Occupational Therapists Regulation outline the categories or registers of members.

COTM maintains 4 registers:

Register of Practising Members

An occupational therapist who meets all of the registration requirements and who is providing direct service, education, consultation, research, or administration related to the practice of occupational therapy may be entered on the Register of Practising Members.

An occupational therapist who has met the requirements for registration but who has had terms, conditions or limitations imposed on his/her registration by COTM, pursuant to the provisions of the Act, may be entered on the Register of Practising Members  “with conditions”.  He/she is required to work within the limitations of the conditions imposed until such time that the conditions are removed by COTM.

Register of Provisional Members

An applicant may apply for provisional registration as an exam candidate if he/she has successfully completed all of the other requirements for registration, and

  • has written the exam and is awaiting the result, or
  • can provide a statement of candidacy and has a date scheduled to write the exam.

An applicant who has not met all the requirements for registration, may apply for provisional registration as a supervised practice candidate if he or she:

  • has not achieved the language fluency requirement, but has met an acceptable lower score;
  • requires upgrading to meet the academic requirement; and/or
  • has not practised as an occupational therapist for at least 700  hours during the three year period  immediately preceding the date of application.
  • has failed the CAOT exam on the first or second attempt.

An occupational therapist may be registered on the Provisional Register for a period of not greater than two years and must practice under the supervision of an occupational therapist on the Practising Register.

Register of Temporary Members

COTM offers temporary registration to occupational therapists who wish to visit Manitoba for the purpose of providing specific, time limited occupational therapy service to a client or clients. All occupational therapists who apply for temporary registration must hold registration in good standing with an organization that regulates the practice of occupational therapy in another jurisdiction (another province, state or country).

Temporary Registration is limited to 60 days in a 12 month period

To apply for temporary registration, complete the Application for Temporary Registration, provide the required documents and registration fee.

Register of Non-Practising Members

The Register of Non-Practising Members is an option available to an occupational therapist who has previously been on the Register of Practising Members or the Register of Provisional Members, and is not currently engaged in the practice of occupational therapy. OT’s on this register are typically on maternity, paternity or some other type of leave of absence.  No practice is permissable while on the Register of non-practising members.

Conversion of registration from practising to non-practising or vice-versa can be arranged by submitting the applicable form.

New applicants cannot apply to be on the Register of Non-Practising Members.