Much of the work of COTM is done by committees which include council members, public representatives and COTM members.

Board of Assessors

Assists the Registrar in the matters of member registration consistent with The Occupational Therapists Act, the Occupational Therapists Regulation and Council approved Policies and Procedures.  Supports the Council in establishing registration policies and procedures.

Continuing Competence Committee

Responsible for the continuing competence program for COTM members.

Executive Committee

Assists the Council by monitoring and supervising the day-to-day management of the College’s affairs, decision-making between Council meetings, supporting financial planning and supervising the performance of the Executive Director.

Investigation Committee

Reviews complaints received by COTM in accordance with Part 6 of The Occupational Therapists Act.

Inquiry Committee

Conducts a hearing into the conduct of a member in accordance with Part 6 of The Occupational Therapists Act.

Legislation Committee

Co-ordinates efforts by COTM to effect legislation and policy changes, including those directly related to The Occupational Therapists Act and The Regulated Health Professions Act. Monitors and reviews legislative and policy initiatives, and determines an action when initiatives may affect the practice of occupational therapy.

Practice Issues Committee

Investigates, debates and provides recommendations to the Council on current occupational therapy practice issues relevant to the mandate of the College.