Initial Registration - Canadian Applicants (CEOT)

All occupational therapists wishing to practise occupational therapy in Manitoba must be registered with the College of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba before beginning any type of occupational therapy practice.

To apply to COTM, you must complete the COTM Application for Registration and submit documents to show that you meet the registration requirements.

Use the Application Guide for Canadian Educated Applicants (in Further Reading), the information supplied in this section of the website and the documents applicable to you as noted on the left side of this webpage. You may send the documents you need for registration in 3 phases or all together.


Use the New Grad Online Registration Guide (in Further Reading), if you are applying to practice occupational therapy for the first time.  This guide will assist you in your online registration process and outline the requirements needed to complete your initial registration with COTM.

Phase 1 establishes your academic eligibility. You can do this long before your registration in Manitoba.

Phase 2 establishes your professional eligibility. You can do this 6 months or less before registering.

Phase 3 establishes your employment eligibility. This is the last step in the registration process. You can do this when you have an employment offer in Manitoba. For this last phase, you must also show proof of malpractice insurance coverage and send any other needed documentation. If it takes longer than 3 months to get an employment offer, you may need to update some of your professional information.

You may qualify to apply using the Labour Mobility Support Agreement. See the Registration Overview section for more information.

Practice without registration can result in the application of a Misconduct Levy. Please refer to FACTS - Registration Misconduct in Further Reading.