Complaints Process

If you have a concern about an occupational therapist in Manitoba, you should contact COTM.

During COVID:

We remain open for business by email, mail, phone and in-person meetings by appointment only. Please keep the following in mind when contacting COTM:

  • Email is the most efficient way to connect with COTM as some staff work remotely. Please send your email to
  • Staff will be available by phone to return messages left in the office voicemail box. Refer to Contact Us webpage for staff extensions and email addresses.
  • If you have physical documents you need to submit to COTM, please send them by mail - either lettermail or as a secured email attachment.
  • It is preferable you connect with us via email if possible.

COTM is the professional regulatory organization for occupational therapists in Manitoba.   As such, we have a responsibility to protect the public. Some of the most critical work COTM does in meeting its public protection mandate is the investigation and hearing of complaints.  COTM uses the Complaints Process to address allegations of unacceptable practice or conduct of an occupational therapist in Manitoba and involves investigation, discipline and appeal procedures.  This work is guided by detailed provisions in The Occupational Therapists Act, by principles of natural justice and by rules of administrative law.

The College sets standards of practice that registered occupational therapists are required to meet thus ensuring the public is provided with safe and ethical practice by competent OTs. For more information, please view Standards of Practice.

If you believe an occupational therapist failed to provide acceptable OT care, you are encouraged to contact COTM or you may choose to file a written complaint.

To File a Complaint

COTM must receive all complaints in writing (as per our legislation). Please include:

  • your name and address
  • the name of the occupational therapist
  • details about the event: the date, time, place and name of any other persons involved and
  • relevant information that you wish to submit.

If necessary, COTM will provide you with information to assist you in filing a complaint.

To file a complaint, please send the above information via email or regular mail.

By email: 

By regular mail:   The Registrar
                             College of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba (COTM)
                             7 - 120 Maryland Street
                             Winnipeg, Manitoba  CANADA R3G 1L1

(Please note: Email is the most efficient way to connect with us as we work remotely).

The COTM Investigation Committee investigates complaints or information that is brought to the attention of COTM. The committee consists of three members appointed by the COTM Council:

  • one public member,
  • one COTM Council member, and
  • one COTM member

Hearings are carried out by the COTM Inquiry Committee and any findings or decisions are published on this website: Inquiry Committee Hearings

If at all possible, complaints are resolved through both education and remedial strategies. This has been found to rectify and improve the occupational therapist’s practice. As well, education and remedial strategies greatly promote meeting COTM's standards of practice and code of ethics.

For an explanation of the process, refer to Part 6 - Complaints of The Occupational Therapists Act (in Further Reading).