Frequently Asked Questions


As an OT student, what fees can I expect to pay to become registered with COTM?

Firstly, it is important to note that COTM does not have student members, unlike the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists and the Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists.  These professional organizations welcome student members.

When you are ready to begin working in Manitoba, you need to be registered with COTM before you start any form of professional practice.

The fees you will need to pay to COTM will include an initial registration fee and a prorated annual registration fee.  See the COTM Fee schedule found on the Initial Registration - Canadian Applicants page.  You will have other expenses associated with meeting COTM’s registration requirements such as ordering your university transcript, securing your criminal record check, and applying to CAOT to write the National OT Certification Examination.

How long does it take to become registered?

When all of the necessary documents have been provided to COTM, registration can happen quite quickly.  It may take several weeks, or months in some cases, for applicants to gather and submit all of the required documents. This is especially true for internationally educated occupational therapists.

Is it acceptable to begin orientation to a new position before I am registered?

No. Even though you may not have patient contact during the orientation program, you will be representing yourself as an occupational therapist to other department and hospital staff. It is not permissable to represent yourself as an occupational therapist until you are fully registered.

Is it possible to be registered before I am able to get a criminal record report?

COTM recognizes that it may take several months for you to obtain a criminal records report if fingerprint identification is required. Registration “with conditions” may be possible. You should discuss your situation and options with the registration co-ordinator.


I want to learn more about the complaints process. What is the purpose of COTM’s work in this area?

Please refer to our publication: FACTS - Complaints, Investigations, Inquiry

Can I phone the COTM office to make a complaint?

No, all complaints must be made in writing. You are welcome to call the COTM office to discuss the complaints process in more detail.