Get Involved

Consider joining a COTM committee or putting your name forward for nomination to the COTM Council. Volunteering with COTM provides experience that is unique and interesting!

Information about COTM Council for prospective nominees:

  • Once COTM members are elected or appointed to council, the council then determines what officer position (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Registrar) and/or committee chair positions the council members will fill.
  • Committees include the Board of Assessors, Continuing Competence (Advisory and Steering), Executive, Investigation, Legislation, Practice Issues.  Each sets their own meeting schedule.
  • The Council meets on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 to 8:00 generally – but not exclusively – around the third week of the month.  The Council meets every two months in February, April, June, August (last week of the month), October (in advance of the AGM), and December (usually the second week to avoid the holidays).
  • The work of the Council and committees is guided by the mandate set out for COTM by The Occupational Therapists Act. The specific activities are guided by the Strategic Plan developed and approved by Council and the Strategic Directions Operational Plan prepared by the Executive Director.
  • Candidates for Council must sign a Pledge of Commitment, a Confidentiality Pledge, a Conflict of Interest Pledge and must abide by the COTM Council Values.
  • Council Leadership Competencies outline the skills needed by council members.  COTM provides education to support learning of these competencies.
  • The Council completes a self-evaluation on an annual basis – this document may be of interest to you as it illustrates some of the key work of Council.

If you are keen to volunteer with COTM but perhaps not as a council member right now, you might consider joining one of our committees.