Employer Obligations

Under The Occupational Therapists Act, the registration status of an individual occupational therapist is public information. Employers have a responsibility under this legislation to confirm that the occupational therapists they employ are properly registered with COTM.

The Occupational Therapists Act outlines the following EMPLOYER'S RESPONSIBILITY:

Employer’s responsibility to ensure registration

65(1) No person shall knowingly employ or continue to employ a person to perform the practice of occupational therapy unless the person is an occupational therapist registered under this Act.

Annual review

65(2) Every person who employs occupational therapists shall review their registration status annually.

Responsibility to report misconduct

65(3) If a person who employs an occupational therapist terminates the occupational therapist's employment for misconduct, incompetence or incapacity, the employer shall promptly report the termination to the council and give the occupational therapist a copy of the report.

Referral to investigation committee

65(4) On receiving a report from an employer, the registrar may refer the matter to the investigation committee.