1 week until PREP deadline

With 1 week left to the deadline, about 25% of OTs on the Active Practice register have yet to declare they have done their online quiz.

Many people will be away from work for the next few days, but if you know someone who may need a reminder please let them know there is not much time left.

After December 31 the online form will be shut down temporarily so we can compile all the scores and get them and the correct answers ready to send out to those OTs who did the quiz. The form will be back online early in January for those people on the Non-practising register who are returning to work and did not do the PREP when on leave.

All members who completed a PREP declaration before December 15th should have received a confirmation by email. Those completing in the last half of December will receive it in early January.

If you completed the PREP quiz and declaration before December 15th and did not receive a confirmation, please contact us at so we can check into for you.