A Time of Transitions and Celebrations

Where to begin?

It is indeed a unique holiday season; after two years of limited celebrating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I sense that many are excited to be able to more freely enjoy time together with friends and family. All the best in whatever you do to mark the season.

It has been a joy to hear from many individuals over these past few months as I journeyed ever closer to retirement. It has been both humbling and uplifting as you shared your recollections of our encounters.

I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work in this role with COTM for over thirty years. I have learned so much from so many. The ongoing evolution of regulation and the constant regeneration thanks to volunteers with new ideas and energy has made the work everchanging, often challenging, but always rewarding.

Being an occupational therapist for forty-four years seems remarkable to me – but then my classmates did predict that I would work long and hard! My experience with OTs in Manitoba, and in Canada, is that there is a determination to do well.

The profession has much work to do to respond to the needs in our country for reconciliation – but we are indeed up to the challenge, and I see the commitment to this at every turn. It is my hope that the new textbook – Promoting Occupational Participation – Relationship Focused Occupational Therapy (2022), the new Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada (2021), and your own passion will guide your individual and collective efforts.

It is difficult to say goodbye – but two things make it easier. Firstly, I am very excited by what my future holds as I embrace the occupations of “Grandmothering” and farming even more than before. And secondly, the current COTM Council and volunteers, and the amazing COTM staff will continue to ensure that the College maintains high regulatory standards in Manitoba, is a hardworking partner with the OT regulators in Canada (which by the way has a mandate to support Courageous Unified Regulatory Leadership), and is always accessible to its members who are striving to meet high practice standards, often in challenging circumstances.

Farewell, and thank you all for your commitment to quality occupational therapy in our province.

Lastly, thank you all for your commitment to quality occupational therapy in our province.

Sharon Eadie, OT Reg. (MB)

Executive Director (Retired as of December 22, 2022)