COTM’s First Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Pursuant to Section 4(5) of The Occupational Therapists Act, a general meeting of the COTM must be held at least once a year. An annual general meeting (AGM) is a meeting that officially constituted organizations are required to hold.

The COTM AGM is held every year to elect the COTM Council members, inform COTM members of key activities, and provide an opportunity for members to receive copies of the organization's fiscal information for the past year and to ask any questions regarding the direction the organization will take in the future.  COTM's AGM is typically held during the month of October. This will be the first time COTM has held a virtual annual general meeting.

COTM’s meeting notice postcard with the time and date of the meeting.

You are welcome to view the Annual Report COTM prepares for this meeting that details its operations. This report includes updates from the COTM Chair, Council, Registrar, Treasurer, Executive Director and various committees, as well as audited financial statements.

Please click on the following link to view the current report: 2017 - 2018 Annual Report .